It started with one idea.

The notion that we could fundamentally enhance senior living with accessible technology.

A team driven by purpose

We at Evey are committed to improving the comfort and quality of life for as many people as possible. We believe our most impactful contribution is to facilitate ease of living through a seamless and adaptive experience, finally putting your home on your wavelength.

We are working with senior housing residences, caretakers, and healthcare professionals to improve senior living  — and this is the only the start of our exciting journey.

Our goal is simple: Taking care of you. Everyday.

Work with Evey

We are a collective of curious spirits and atypical makers who share a vision; connected by the idea that we enhance the quality of senior daily life through Evey.

If you are interested in working at Evey, please email us at

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201 Notre-Dame Street W, Suite 100
Montreal, Québec, Canada H2Y 1T4