Real-time intelligence for seniors residences

Proactive operational efficiency, improving the residents’ safety and well-being, allowing them to live more independently while extending their autonomy.

The future of seniors residences

The Evey platform helps prolong the autonomy of residents by improving well-being and safety in their apartments and optimizes the operating costs of residences.

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To protect against COVID-19, the Evey platform can detect potential cases before the virus spreads in the residence (by detecting cough, fever, fatigue), thereby reducing social isolation among seniors.

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To secure residents’ apartments, which are paradoxically the least safe place in the residence, the Evey platform detects falls, presence, departures and returns (in case of emergency evacuation) and offers an integrated alarm function.

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Energy efficiency

To limit energy losses that can account for over 30% of the electricity bill, the Evey platform detects residents’ habits, as well as unusual or inconsistent behaviour (such as forgetting to turn out the lights or control the heat or air conditioning).

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Water Leak Detection

To reduce repair and relocation costs resulting from water damage, the Evey platform can alert residents in case of a leak, escalate with your employees without taking action or directly cut off the water valve (if the valve is intelligent) thanks to its water damage detectors.

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To ease the sense of isolation among seniors and increase their well-being, the Evey platform simplifies access to technology that makes it easy to control the television with their voice, interact with their family via video and participate in virtual communities in the residence.

How does Evey work?

Environment Sensing
Detection of ambient signals

With its integrated detectors, Evey recognizes signals from residents’ apartments, including detection of movement, sound and other connected devices (e.g.: water damage detector).

Human Detection
Identification of behaviour

Evey analyzes all signals detected to identify potential behaviours, establishing regular habits and distinguishing unusual or inconsistent behaviour.

Auto Brightness
Real-time action

Based on recognized behaviours and established patterns, Evey can communicate directly with the resident, alert caregivers or interact with connected objects in the apartment.

Why do our clients choose Evey?

Evey pays for itself; the energy savings alone offsets the cost […]. Evey eases the caregiver’s workload, a major advantage given current labour shortages.

Sébastien Buisson, Assistant General Manager, Les Habitations Bordeleau
30% in energy savings

on the electricity bill (lighting, heating, air conditioning).

24/7 Services
24 / 7 services

Our experts are available around the clock to help you in French or English.

No Installation Fees
No equipment costs

Equipment is included with 5-year contracts.